Friday, July 29, 2016

Good Friday morning to everyone!!

The weekend i upon us again, that for me that means spending time with my grand children. Then on Monday, I really HAVE to get to work and sew. Fall shows are upon us and the winter gift giving season is not to far away. 

What is on your list for your 18" dolls, or baby dolls? Give me an idea. 

Also, have you check out the new Wellie Wishers dolls yet? If not you need to, they are the latest addition to the American Girl Doll family. They are 14 1/2" tall and about the body size of the Heart for Heart dolls. And, before you ask, yes I will be doing clothes for them, right now on request basis, but soon I will have them like A.G. and bitty baby clothes. 

Well, I am going to go do some wonderful things before my weekend starts in about three hours. Have a fabulous weekend, what ever you are doing, remember only you can make your life sing!

Until next time remember

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