Friday, July 29, 2016

Good Friday morning to everyone!!

The weekend i upon us again, that for me that means spending time with my grand children. Then on Monday, I really HAVE to get to work and sew. Fall shows are upon us and the winter gift giving season is not to far away. 

What is on your list for your 18" dolls, or baby dolls? Give me an idea. 

Also, have you check out the new Wellie Wishers dolls yet? If not you need to, they are the latest addition to the American Girl Doll family. They are 14 1/2" tall and about the body size of the Heart for Heart dolls. And, before you ask, yes I will be doing clothes for them, right now on request basis, but soon I will have them like A.G. and bitty baby clothes. 

Well, I am going to go do some wonderful things before my weekend starts in about three hours. Have a fabulous weekend, what ever you are doing, remember only you can make your life sing!

Until next time remember

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm back, have been about 3 weeks. The Philippines trip was great! I saw so many interesting things, met so many new people. I have a little great-granddaughter and great-grandson there who i got to meet. Never met them until i went over. Ok, there is a back story to that. Our daughter met a you Filipino man here where we live they had kids, got married and lived happily until she died. In the Philippines if you are related to relations i.e. cousins you are considered grandma or grandpa, any way, we have little grand kids and the larger variety too. And, I got to meet and spend time with them all. What a great feeling to discover a family who even tho the are not blood, embrace you as such.

So i am back an sewing, (first i need to do a bit of house keeping out there) and i have lots of interesting ideas running around in my head. We were there for the inauguration of their new president, and i got to see some of the traditional dresses. I think i will make some for the girls. Watch for them. I went to two festivals and saw some other traditional dresses, hoping to get some of those done too. 

In the meantime i have made some new shoes, and they are even in boxes, yes American Girl shoes need to be in boxes too. 
Whether they are called Toms, Jane's, Bob's, or Mary's everyone needs a pair of these cuties to wear to school, or shopping, or for play. 

We have open toe available now. And, ballet flats.
Collar open toe shoes, open toe Jane's (these are available right now)
Also there are collar open toe shoes, and cute tie sandals. They are $8.50 a pair.

in addition, there are clogs available for your best friend. Get yours for  $7.00 a pair. 

Clogs for your best friend. $7.00 a pair.

This includes postage.

Until next time, enjoy your friends, and remember:


Monday, May 23, 2016

Next Up

I am going to be gone for a month, I'M GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES!!!  I'm not really sure yet just exactly when we are leaving, my son-in-law is in charge of that. When we get back, I am going to do a craft faire and I am doing some new designs. 

I know that I keep saying that, but I really am planning on doing it. I have one new dress done, and I have been working on some to take with me for the granddaughter in the Philippines, who I have never met, but am looking forward to.

  So look for me to be back on here sometime in the middle of July, with fun new things. (Also, my granddaughter Kyda may be joining me here :) ) I can't wait, she makes some awesome things. She will be 14 and loves to design and make, so that will be a great addition.

In the meantime remember


Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy few days before Valentines!!

I have not been blogging the way I want to, but hopefully i will shortly. On Tuesday the 16, and then again on March 1, I am going to have my eyes operated on then I will be ready to work again!! I can't wait, I

have missed my machine and all the fun things that it does. So watch out world here i came :)

In the meantime I am posting some pictures of items that I have made and may or may not be available. 
fairies do fly  $25.00 Order your favorite color

Ruffled dresses $15.00 You can order your favorite color

Spring dress with boat neck $12.00
Spring Dress with square neck $12.0

Order your leggings in white, black, or most any color you would like

Have a great weekend and remember


Thursday, January 14, 2016


A new year, and a new hope for this blog!! This has been a year of ups and downs for me. 

First, I have a fabulous life going, I have beautiful grandchildren who love me beyond all reason.  I have a family that I adore. My husband is having health issues, but is "handlable" :) We also got a beautiful great granddaughter for our anniversary!! Yeah us!

Second, I have a business that is beyond fun. Now, for the "New" part. After careful  consideration, I have decided to start selling on the web again, but I am going to do this on my blog. 

I am working on some really fun things in the studio, so, please watch here for new items, and prices. 

There will also be some fun things for the dolls and girls made by my granddaughter Kyda (keyda) also know affectionately as KIKI.

We can't wait to get started!! See you SOON! 


Sunday, April 12, 2015


i was asked the other day if i ever took pictures of what i make, the answer is yes and i have even been known to post them :) 

Here are a few of the things that i have been doing,
all of these have been sold, but they CAN be ordered.

These cute jackets are for American Girl Dolls and sell for $ 25.00.

How about a ruffled dress for vacation? I love this little dress. Pattern by Liberty Jane Far and Away $15.00.

i love t-shirts and i love my embroidery machine.
the embroidered shirts are $12.00.

how about some cute undies??? these sets can come with knee highs or anklets and are $5.00

Bathing suits $7.00

Any way this is some of the things that i make. I  am hoping to have my website back up soon, and then i will do more fun stuff. in the mean time these things are available to be ordered from here. at:

Have a great day and remember:  

Monday, April 6, 2015


I haven't posted for a while, been a little busy, and not accomplishing a blooming thing :). 

But, I am going to do better, at least that is my goal. Since I posted last the changes in my life have been great. My husband retired after working at a paying job for 52 years, I retired (that is i collect social security) 2 years ago and i am still working on making dolls and clothes for them.

our daughters little kids are not so little any more, Zander is now 17, Olyvia is 14, headed to 15 as fast as the months will pass, and Kyda will soon be 13. Now the months pass all to fast for my taste, but they are passing none the less. if their mom were still here she would be so proud of them.

our oldest grandson is now 22, along with our bonus granddaughter between the two of them we are great grandparent 5 times over. James Lee just had a little girl who is 3 weeks old, and a bonus daughter who is 10 months old. Kylie has 2 girls and a son. but, no i do not feel old 

well, added to that i have been busy making stuff!!

Here is some of the outfits that have come off of my machine.

baby doll dress with leggings

swimming delights

ruffle delight

spring basket and bunny shoes

so until next time use your imagination, and remember

Monday, May 27, 2013

It has been a day of reflection. We had a daughter that LOVED both her dolls and her dad. When she was about 5 she and her brothers had a babysitter once in a while and she loved that. She also loved pretend, her dad wasn't as far into pretend and make believe as she and I were and when she played with her babies, which was all the time, her brothers were uncles, and I was of course grandma, but her dad hadn't gotten into this part of her play until one day I asked her to do some silly thing, and being a good mommy she promptly set her baby on her dad's lap and said "be a good girl for grandpa".  Well, he aged about 10 years in nothing flat. 

I say this because "dad" is now a great-grandpa and almost 70. The daughter has been gone for more than 10 years, and her beautiful daughters are doing the same thing to her dad, but it is "stay with great grandpa and be very, very good cuz he is older and can't run as fast as he used to."

Just shows, what goes around, comes around. We need to remember how fun it is to pretend and use our imagination. We need to nurture this is in our sons, daughters, grandchildren and any one else we come in contact with. So let's get out there and pretend!

Until next time remember