Monday, April 6, 2015


I haven't posted for a while, been a little busy, and not accomplishing a blooming thing :). 

But, I am going to do better, at least that is my goal. Since I posted last the changes in my life have been great. My husband retired after working at a paying job for 52 years, I retired (that is i collect social security) 2 years ago and i am still working on making dolls and clothes for them.

our daughters little kids are not so little any more, Zander is now 17, Olyvia is 14, headed to 15 as fast as the months will pass, and Kyda will soon be 13. Now the months pass all to fast for my taste, but they are passing none the less. if their mom were still here she would be so proud of them.

our oldest grandson is now 22, along with our bonus granddaughter between the two of them we are great grandparent 5 times over. James Lee just had a little girl who is 3 weeks old, and a bonus daughter who is 10 months old. Kylie has 2 girls and a son. but, no i do not feel old 

well, added to that i have been busy making stuff!!

Here is some of the outfits that have come off of my machine.

baby doll dress with leggings

swimming delights

ruffle delight

spring basket and bunny shoes

so until next time use your imagination, and remember

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