Monday, May 27, 2013

It has been a day of reflection. We had a daughter that LOVED both her dolls and her dad. When she was about 5 she and her brothers had a babysitter once in a while and she loved that. She also loved pretend, her dad wasn't as far into pretend and make believe as she and I were and when she played with her babies, which was all the time, her brothers were uncles, and I was of course grandma, but her dad hadn't gotten into this part of her play until one day I asked her to do some silly thing, and being a good mommy she promptly set her baby on her dad's lap and said "be a good girl for grandpa".  Well, he aged about 10 years in nothing flat. 

I say this because "dad" is now a great-grandpa and almost 70. The daughter has been gone for more than 10 years, and her beautiful daughters are doing the same thing to her dad, but it is "stay with great grandpa and be very, very good cuz he is older and can't run as fast as he used to."

Just shows, what goes around, comes around. We need to remember how fun it is to pretend and use our imagination. We need to nurture this is in our sons, daughters, grandchildren and any one else we come in contact with. So let's get out there and pretend!

Until next time remember

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