Monday, May 23, 2016

Next Up

I am going to be gone for a month, I'M GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES!!!  I'm not really sure yet just exactly when we are leaving, my son-in-law is in charge of that. When we get back, I am going to do a craft faire and I am doing some new designs. 

I know that I keep saying that, but I really am planning on doing it. I have one new dress done, and I have been working on some to take with me for the granddaughter in the Philippines, who I have never met, but am looking forward to.

  So look for me to be back on here sometime in the middle of July, with fun new things. (Also, my granddaughter Kyda may be joining me here :) ) I can't wait, she makes some awesome things. She will be 14 and loves to design and make, so that will be a great addition.

In the meantime remember


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