Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm back, have been about 3 weeks. The Philippines trip was great! I saw so many interesting things, met so many new people. I have a little great-granddaughter and great-grandson there who i got to meet. Never met them until i went over. Ok, there is a back story to that. Our daughter met a you Filipino man here where we live they had kids, got married and lived happily until she died. In the Philippines if you are related to relations i.e. cousins you are considered grandma or grandpa, any way, we have little grand kids and the larger variety too. And, I got to meet and spend time with them all. What a great feeling to discover a family who even tho the are not blood, embrace you as such.

So i am back an sewing, (first i need to do a bit of house keeping out there) and i have lots of interesting ideas running around in my head. We were there for the inauguration of their new president, and i got to see some of the traditional dresses. I think i will make some for the girls. Watch for them. I went to two festivals and saw some other traditional dresses, hoping to get some of those done too. 

In the meantime i have made some new shoes, and they are even in boxes, yes American Girl shoes need to be in boxes too. 
Whether they are called Toms, Jane's, Bob's, or Mary's everyone needs a pair of these cuties to wear to school, or shopping, or for play. 

We have open toe available now. And, ballet flats.
Collar open toe shoes, open toe Jane's (these are available right now)
Also there are collar open toe shoes, and cute tie sandals. They are $8.50 a pair.

in addition, there are clogs available for your best friend. Get yours for  $7.00 a pair. 

Clogs for your best friend. $7.00 a pair.

This includes postage.

Until next time, enjoy your friends, and remember:


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